The school follows the scheme of studies prescribed by the  Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ).

Notre Dame School has always placed special emphasis on character formation and the all round development of each student from the time of its inception.

This is done through :-

  1. Value Education classes conducted regularly and the inculcation of social values such as; courtesy, refinement, responsibility, honesty, punctuality, obedience, loyalty , modesty and diligence.
  2. Research, reference work, intensive study, field trips, and  educational  Tours.
  3. Co-curricular Activities conducted by different organizations of the school such as; Student council,  School Band, School Choir, Scout & Guide,   Eco Club, Literary Club , USM membership( Universal Solidarity Movement)  in public speaking, writing, debating,  elocution, extemporaneous speeches, dance. music, dramatics and all sorts of artistic activities, Science Exhibition, Quiz etc.
  4. Physical development through participation in Sports and games and Yoga.