School Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Along with the Curricular Activities, the school conducted many Co-Curricular  Activities such as Quizzes, Debates, Drama, Speech, etc to help the students to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, creative thinking, communication skills and collaborative abilities. Environment consciousness is something that we give due importance to. Plantation drive is an activity we conduct every year to make the campus green and clean.

Extra-Curricular Activities

1. Cultural Activities :

Cultural activities are held round the year these activities enhance personality of students and their aesthetic sense.

2. Sports :

Sports help to discipline students. They teach students to have respect for rules and regulations. Sports promote healthy competition.

3. Academic activities :

Academic activities help students to apply the knowledge which they have learnt in their classes.

4. Houses and clubs –

i) Literacy Club :

This club helps students to speak, debate and act. These activities promote self confidence among the students.

ii) Eco Club :

Eco club helps students to be aware of environmental issues. Students know about the environmental problems and ways to keep our environment safe and pure.

iii) School Band :

School band is a group of musicians who herald the arrival of a chief guest who announce the start of an important event or function. The march past is done on the music played by the School band.

iv) School Choir :

The school choir leads the singing at the morning assembly and at all the functions and concerts of the school the singing by the school. The singing by the school Choir goes a long way in making the school assembly and every function of the school very elegant.

 v) Student Council :

The student Council is a group of students who help in the smooth administration of the school. The student Council promotes discipline and teaches students various leadership skills.

 vi) Scout and Guide :

The Scout and Guide movement teaches boys and girls various life skills and how to face various challenges of life. The motto of the scout and guide movement is to be “prepared for life”.

vii) USM GROUP :

For the past two consecutive years the students of class IX of our school had the opportunity to participate in the Enlightened Leadership Training conducted by USM ( Universal Solidarity Movement of Value Education for Peace ) at Indore in Madhya Pradesh, along with some of their teachers. This Movement has a holistic approach for training students, teachers, heads of the institutions and parents. The powerful message this Movement conveys to all its participants is that Education is not for a living but for life’.

The over all impact of the training is very positive. We have formed a USM group in our school from among the members of participants of the leadership training. They have adopted the motto of USM “Self transformation, for transforming the world.” Thus, any activity conducted by the group revolves around this motto. After the training, the students have resolved:-

To follow the Five Paths of Self – transformation

Not to waste food and not to put pressure on the parents to buy costly items

To give up or reduce eating junk food

To reduce the expenses on birthday celebration and to use the money saved for helping with the education of a needy child

To plant a tree on birthdays

To read newspapers daily

To read an inspirational book or biography once a month.