Notre Dame Education is inspired by Christian vision of the world, presenting God as a loving Father and embracing all mankind as brothers and sisters. The aim of Notre Dame  education is the formation of character and personality of the young student- to train young people for unselfish leadership, so that the students  we educate will be able to change the oppressive structure of society by standing for justice and human rights. They are to assisit their fellow cirtizens  in directing their lives to God for in faith by helping, healing, reconciling and taking a firm stand ion moral principles of honesty, integrity, hard work and freedom. The parents and guardians are expected to be active participants in training their children in the moral and spiritual values which the school tries to foster. The motto of the school is “Glory to God and Service to All”.

The school provides for growth in all aspects of life – intellectual, social, aesthetic, moral, physical and spiritual so that the students :-

  1. become aware of their dignity as children of God.
  2. appreciate the rich cultural heritage and traditions of our country.
  3. accept and respect people of all religions, languages and cultures.
  4. inculcate in themselves moral and social values : sincerity, sense of responsibility.
  5. Show sensitivity to the needs of others especially the poor and the marginalized.

“Lead Me from Darkness to Light” is the ardent prayer of a Notre Dame student.

We believe in Christian social ethics whereby the practice of justice and truth is the visible sign of Faith in God.  As Notre Dame Educators, it is our earnest concern to help develop in our students a true love for God, who is the Father of all, and a caring, loving relationship with each other in peace and harmony. Therefore, we consider faith in God, academic values, sense of community, and conscientisation towards justice and equality to be of prime importance in the lives of our students.