Online Fee Payment 

Download the Neverskip parent mobile application from the link given below.

Online Fee Payment Portal


Fee is charged for all 12 months of the academic year. No deduction is made for holidays, absence or broken period. Parents must ensure the payment of all the dues of a term, before the term exam commences.

1. A booklet for fees is supplied at the beginning of the school year. Fees will be collected 4 times annually:-
i. 1st Quarter (April, May, June) in April.
ii. 2nd Quarter (July, August, September) in July.
iii. 3rd Quarter (October, November, December) in October.
iv. 4th Quarter (January, February, March) in January.
2. Fees are to be paid only at ICICI Bank, Gumla.
3. Fees of April to September are to be paid in full before the mid-term exams.
4. All due fees are to be cleared before the Final Exams.
5. No transfer certificate will be issued until all school dues are paid in full.
6. Transfer certificate, will be issued 5 days after receiving the application for the same.